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What are crowns?

Crowns are tooth covers that improve the aesthetics, form and/or function of a tooth/implant. They are used when:

- teeth have been damaged due to decay

- large fillings are failing

- a tooth needs strengthening after root canal treatment

- improvement of aesthetics or alignment are needed

What type of crowns are available?

Gold crown: strong & durable

Metal crown: strong

Porcelain bonded to metal: strength of the metal with improved aesthetics of porcelain

E-Max: all ceramic crown with the closest resemblance to a natural tooth

Zirconia: all ceramic crown with strength and highly aesthetic

We can even provide crowns with engravings or jewels embedded. Please discuss this with your dentist.

You will be required to provide the jewels and liaise with your jeweller as well as your dentist and our dental labs.

What does the treatment consist of?

The tooth requiring a crown is shaped to a smaller version of the tooth. This way a crown can fit over the top and replace the normal size & shape. A temporary crown can be placed over the tooth while the dental laboratory is constructing the crown. Once the crown is ready, it is bonded onto the tooth with dental cement.

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