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New Patient Examination (inc x-rays)

Routine Examination (inc x-rays)

Emergency Appointment (inc x-rays)

Intra-oral X-Ray




Scale & Polish (inc stain removal)

AirFlow hygiene

Periodontal Treatment (per quadrant)




Amalgam (silver) filling

Composite (white) filling

Root Canal Treatment: Incisor

Root Canal Treatment: Premolar

Root Canal Treatment: Molar

Crown: Bonded Porcelain

Crown/Onlay: Gold

Crown/Onlay: E-Max

Crown/Onlay: Zirconia

Post & Core

Ceramic Veneer

Bridge (Porcelain-metal) (per unit)

Bridge (Zirconia) (per unit)


Mouth Guard




Denture: Complete Acrylic (per arch)

Denture: Partial Acrylic (per arch)

Denture: Cobalt Chrome (per arch)

Addition to denture (per tooth)

Gold tooth addition to denture (per tooth)




PolaRapid (in-chair whitening)

PolaDay/PolaNight (10 syringe home whitening)

PolaDay/PolaNight (4 syringe home whitening)

PolaLight (home whitening)

PolaLuminate (brush on top-up)

Pola for Aligners (home whitening)

Top-up kit PolaDay/PolaNight (4 syringe)





Clear Aligners consultation

Reveal® Clear Aligners treatment (consultation price included)








from £80

from £120











from £700*




from £500

from £400

from £600










from £250
















Cleaning treatments
Restorative treatments
Orthodontic treatments
Whitening treatments

Please note: prices displayed above are average and may vary according to clinical scenario and dentist's discretion.

* varies according to weight of gold needed and gold % used

**one whitening kit is offered free of charge if Aligner treatment is paid in full upfront

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