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Emergency Care

What is involved?

During emergency treatment, we will try to make you comfortable, get you out of pain, and provide immediate necessary treatment. You will be asked to see your own dentist as soon as possible, to assess what permanent treatment options are available to resolve your dental problem fully.

What counts as an urgent emergency?

This list includes but is not limited to:

  • Trauma/injury (e.g. avulsed tooth)

  • Oro-facial swelling which is significant and worsening

  • Post-op bleeding which cannot be controlled with local measures

  • Dental conditions which have resulted in systemic illness and/or raised temperature

  • Severe trismus

  • Oro-dental conditions which can worsen systemic medical conditions

  • Infections with/without systemic effect

  • Severe pain which cannot be controlled with self-help advice

  • Fractured teeth with pulp exposure

What counts as a non-urgent emergency?

This list includes but is not limited to:

  • Mild-moderate pain which is not associated with an urgent care condition and responds to pain relief

  • Mild trauma

  • Post extraction bleeding with can be controlled with self-help measures

  • Loose/displaced crowns, bridges or veneers

  • Fractured or loose fitting dentures

  • Fractured posts

  • Fractured, loose or displaced fillings

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