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Hygiene & Stain Removal

Why would I need hygiene therapy?

Hygiene therapy will help keep your mouth healthy and prevent issues from developing, such as:

- gum disease

- tooth decay

- bad breath

- other medical conditions such as heart disease

Our hygiene cleaning will ensure all plaque, calculus and visible* extrinsic stains are removed

*some long standing staining may not be able to be removed and may need some other form of treatment


With our Airflow machines, cleaning is much more comfortable and quicker with a more thorough stain removal 

Why might I need stain removal?

Staining of teeth occurs over time. Major staining substances include:

- tea/coffee

- red wine

- smoking

- curries

- chlorhexidine


Our stain removal session will be able to remove this staining giving back your teeth their natural appearance.

Will it make my teeth whiter?

Stain removal will not affect the underlying shade of the tooth like teeth whitening does. It will however remove the dark staining which may make the teeth to appear whiter.


Our stain removal techniques will not be able to remove tetracycline staining. For this you may need whitening and/or veneers.

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