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What is an extraction?

It is simply removing a tooth (including the roots) from the mouth.

Why might I need an extraction?

Reasons for taking a tooth out include:

- severely broken and therefore unrestorable tooth with root canal treatment, fillings or crowns

- severe decay, pain, infection and you do not want to undergo the process of root canal treatment

- orthodontics (if your orthodontist has requested some teeth to be removed, please bring along the letter from your orthodontist)

- your medical history indicates that an extraction would be more appropriate than having root canal treatment

Is it painful?

We extract teeth under local anaesthetic so you would not feel any pain. You may feel pressure as if someone is pushing on your tooth but this will not be painful. You may experience some discomfort after the procedure, but this is part of the natural healing process which can be managed with regular painkillers.

What about wisdom teeth?

According to NICE guidelines, it is only justified to take out wisdom teeth under the NHS if:

- you have had multiple episodes of peri-coronitis (infection of the gums around the wisdom tooth)

- you have one very severe episode of peri-coronitis

- there is unrestorable disease of the wisdom tooth

- cellulitis, abscess, osteomyelitis is present

- fracture of the wisdom tooth occurs

- internal/external resorption of the wisdom or adjacent tooth is present

- cyst or tumour is present

- the wisdom tooth is in the path of other jaw surgery


Please note if an extraction seems particularly difficult to perform in our clinic, you may need to be referred elsewhere to have the treatment done. This includes the need for sedation or general anaesthetic.

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